Credit and Debit Card Dispute Processing Platform

  • Enhanced workflow and analytics.
  • Compliance and regulatory control.
  • Up to a 40% reduction in operating costs and higher customer satisfaction.


Platform Benefits

The Finscend Bank Dispute Platform (BDP)

End-to-End Integration

Integrate all the data that is needed to handle a credit card dispute from transactions to chargeback

Real Time Analytics

With intuitive Dashboards that include drill down KPI, you can finally understand what is really going on

AI DoN Scoring

Finscend unique proprietary AI DoN (Dispute or Not) determines the best approach for each dispute

Focused Dispute Processing

Finscend’s Bank Dispute Platform helps focus dispute processing on what is needed, when it is needed. No more spending hours on disputes that end up costing your bank more money in processing than the value of the dispute.

Lower Cost & Happy Customers

Focused processing lowers costs and improves customer satisfaction. With Finscend’s BDP, dispute processing converts from regulated processing to customer satisfaction processing.


White Papers

Finscend is pleased to share with the banking and financial services industries its analyses of key topics. We invite you to download our latest White Papers:

Dispute Resolution Market

Dispute processing is big business


Visa processed nearly $11.6 trillion in transactions in 2019 and garners just over 50% of the global market

Fraud-Related Disputes

The Nilson Report notes that for every $100 spent via credit and debit cards, slightly over 7% is a direct result of fraud

In 2019, an average of $16.2 billion was charged daily using the 926 million Mastercards in circulation worldwide

Finscend’s Proprietary Solution

Based on years of consulting experience